The Experience

A Terrifying Scare Experience

Beyond the gates of The Asylum you will find a terrifying host of undead creatures waiting to great you.

Your senses will be plunged into the darkest depths of your greatest fear, in the terrifying Asylum and its maze of ghoulish experiences.

Take a lesson in FEAR in the Ghoul Room.  Beware of the questions you will be asked – A wrong answer and the punishment is beyond your mortal imagination.
Brave the Dormit – Gory where  no one or nothing has slept for many’s a year!

Face your fears and see your nightmares come true!

Join us for your last meal in the Skullery and the only thing on the menu is you.
Beware the creatures of the Crypt, long dead and hungry for victims to join them in their undead world without end.

Be prepared for Mortal Fear and Terror beyond your imagination (and just a little bit of fun!!).

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